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Bon George

MADE IN LA is a series spotlighting cool and interesting people and small businesses in Los Angeles.  See the rest of the profiles here.


Name and Title:  Jess Hannah, Jeweler of J.Hannah and Style Blogger

Neighborhood:  Downtown LA

Years in LA:  Less than a year!


Where in LA do you go to find design inspiration?
The Getty museum is always a favorite but I feel like you can find inspiration anywhere in LA. Every hood has its own spirit and is inspiring in its own way.

What is your favorite piece from your current collection?
I have new pieces coming next week! From the current- Luna Moonstone is always a fave but this is like asking me to choose a favorite child!

What are your favorite shops in LA?
Mohawk General Store, Steven Alan, Alt House- I'm still exploring~

What would you never have in your closet?
Crazy prints or pink. I'm a basics kind of gal.

What's the most sentimental piece of clothing or accessory you own?
Jewelry that I inherited from my grandma, it's what inspired me to get into metalsmithing.

What are your favorite LA spots to relax on the weekend?
Relax... hmmm, I never relax! I guess my loft... Or just walking around town with my boyfriend.

What's the best meal you've had in LA?
SO MANY GOOD MEALS! Some of my current favorites are Baco Mercat, Sugar Fish, Bestia, Pine and Crane, Guisado's and so many more!

What's on your playlist right now?
The New Basement Tapes

What was the last text you sent/got sent?
A photo of my friends puppy :)

When was the last time you took public transportation?
When I was in New York a few weeks ago. I take it a lot in SF though! No need for it in DTLA.

What was the last movie you saw in the theater?
Nightcrawler, I think.

Favorite Farmer's Market?
I went to Cal Poly San Luis Obispo- They definitely have the coolest farmers market. 

West or East of the 405?

Yoga or Hiking?

Palm Springs or Ojai?
PS cause I've never been to Ojai.

Fresh Flowers or Succulents?
BOTH, I'm a sucker for ranunculus.

Beach or Pool?
Beach because I love the way salt water makes my hair look.

Juice or Coffee?
Juice because I have acid reflux and I'm not supposed to have coffee